Inspired by our travels, designed for yours.

The story begins in Paris in 2012, where a small piece of lace created a big impression. Maria fell in love with it the moment she saw a store window in Montmartre. That piece of lace travelled with her back in Greece. With great care and love she created her first lace dress and a whole collection using various kinds of lace.

Turning a dream into profession was more that she could ever ask for. To honor that very first piece of lace that inspired her first designs she decided to name her own brand dentelle (lace in french).


We love creating our own forms and patterns, celebrating beauty, freedom and romance. Everything we design is meant to praise feminality and delicacy.

We design handmade clothing and swimwear. We use high quality fabrics, unique laces and we cooperate with trustworthy manufacturers.

All garments are proudly produced ethically in small factories all around Greece.


Who is she?

The dent’elle girl is a romantic soul. She’s moved by the nature’s impeccable artistry and beauty. She loves flowers, age old laces, whites and pastels and listening to old records on Sundays.

Dent’elle was born in Paris, France but grew up in Volos, Greece.

After all, dent’elle proves that some dreams come true!